Action Pistol Shooting Team

The ‘Action Pistol Shooting Group’ at the Massasoit Gun Club operates primarily every other Sunday morning December through March. Check the schedule for competition dates.

Our primary goal besides having fun is to teach our members all about the action shooting sports by shooting at steel plates in a controlled environment, where comfort and having a great time are the goal of this group. We have four ‘Action Target Steel Plate Racks’ that we shoot at with handguns and pistol caliber carbines. Members who want to try shooting at reactive targets rather than paper targets are encouraged to join us. Only difference between shooting steel plates indoors and action shooting outdoors is the draw fire. Currently draw fire is only done outside when participating in action pistol shooting. During the warm weather months (Apr – Oct), our group shoots in many of the local action shooting matches at other gun clubs, and we hope that the skills developed during the winter months will be put to good use at these action pistol matches.

Safe shooting and safe gun handling is always a high priority for us… Before coming out to try shooting steel plates, one should have a good understanding of how their firearm operates (functions, reloads, malfunctions).

For information on shooting steel plates indoors at Massasoit Gun Club or Action Pistol matches at other gun clubs, please fill out the contact sheet below…


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