Precision Pistol Shooting Team

The MGC Pistol Team

The Massasoit Precision Pistol Team competes with other RI gun clubs as part of the Ocean State Pistol League. NRA Precision Pistol Competition was (and still is in some circles) formerly known as “NRA Bullseye Competition”. If fact, the targets that are used at our club, and many other clubs, are NRA B2 and B3 Slow and Timed/Rapid Competition targets.

Precision Pistol shooting is executed only with 22 caliber pistols, held and fired with one hand, and the targets are placed at 50’ downrange, all at the same height. The matches all begin with a five-minute warmup with any number of shots fired as desired. Then, through a series of pre-recorded commands played through the loudspeaker, the shooters will begin competition with the Slow Fire stage, which is comprised of ten shots in ten minutes, on a B2 target. There is a possible 100 points in each stage of competition and shots placed within each scoring ring are what determines the score for that stage. The second stage is Timed Fire, which is comprised of two – five round stages, each completed within twenty seconds, this time using a B3 target. Again, pre-recorded commands are given throughout the matches. Lastly, the third and final stage is Rapid Fire, which is comprised of two – five round stages, each completed within ten seconds, again with a B3 target. Scores are calculated by fellow non shooters during the stages, and the final totals are recorded on the score sheets to determine the five high scores for each team.

The current season runs from September until February. Shooters at any skill level are encouraged and welcome to participate in our practices and matches.
Team scores consist of only the top five (5) scores on each team, so a low score does not hurt the team totals in any way. Participating in competition will focus the mind; give you a goal to work toward, and a reason to practice constantly. You will meet a great group of people, all willing to help you become a better shooter, and most importantly, you will have fun. The team members have guns you can try to see if bulls eye shooting are for you… Refreshments can vary, but usually coffee, donuts, cookies, and pizza are served at nearly all matches.

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