How to become a member of Massasoit Gun Club

1) Fill out an application above and submit it to the club in person (Once you are a member you can do online renewals).

2) Provide proof of a clean record with one of the following:

  1. Bureau of Criminal Investigations check from State Attorney General’s Office ($5.00 to BCI)
  2. A receipt showing a gun purchased within 90 days along with the matching gun
  3. A valid license to carry from MA, RI, CT, or the United States Government

3) Email the MGC Corresponding Secretary ( to sign up for a spot in the next “New Member Orientation” held monthly…

4) You will be asked to demonstrate safe gun handling with your firearm so it is strongly suggested you read the manual, be familiar and comfortable with your firearm. You will be required to fire your firearm in the presence of a Range Officer. Bring 50 rounds of the correct ammunition for your firearm with you. The Range Officer will observe you and certify that you are safe or recommend that you need additional instruction before your membership is approved.

5) If you are approved, payment of $100 initiation, plus $250* annual dues + $50 assessment fee, plus $20 dollars for Member Access Card, and proof of NRA membership will be required (current NRA membership card or the cover from one of your NRA magazines with your name on it are considered valid proof). If you do not have a Current NRA membership, you can join the NRA on that same night, during the sign-up process at the club. The cost of the NRA membership for one year is $35.00. We only accept cash and checks.

6) You must also bring a valid photo ID. The club is Located @ 21 Abraham Road, Riverside, RI 02915

*NOTE: The annual dues are set at the Annual meeting held in October. The dues for 2024 have been set @ $250.00

*Please note that anyone can report a range violation to any member of the Massasoit Gun Club Executive Board.  To report any violations or concerns, you can contact the MGC Board Members by email or phone.  When reporting violations, describe the incident or situation, the date, the time, any membership numbers involved, and any other information that may be pertinent.

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